Home as the New Office, Theater, and Bar

Cabinets for a pro at-home office, home theatre and home bar are the new ways to work, entertain and have fun. Take a look and make your home work for you.

Refresh your home and expand the way you live with flexible, modern designs. A modern home is much more than a place to eat, sleep, and repeat. Your home acts as an office space, movie theater, bar, and more. You need a functional layout that celebrates these innovative uses! Find out how to use quality cabinetry and other design features to personalize your home as the new office, theater, and bar.

Professional Home Office

Approximately 60% of Americans were working from home in the spring of 2020, according to The Economist. Those that aren’t currently working remotely are taking advantage of hybrid schedules and the general flexibility that many employers have adopted since the pandemic began. The home office is quickly becoming a staple in home designs!

It takes more than a desk and a computer to transform a spare bedroom into an office. Consider choosing stylish, professional office cabinetry that complements the rest of your home’s decor. Home office cabinetry is the perfect design centerpiece to your new office and offers the following features:

  • Contemporary and minimalist look
  • Clean lines
  • High-quality construction
  • Transitional approach
  • Easy organization
  • Spacious storage solutions
  • Maximized efficiency

From bookshelves to filing cabinets, your cabinets should clear the clutter and define the space you need to work effectively. Working from home looks different for everyone; your cabinets need to be personalized to help facilitate your unique workflows. Take a load off your mind and put yourself in the right frame of mind as you step into a home office with quality home office cabinetry.

Many home offices are used as transitional spaces. If your office is pulling double-duty as a spare bedroom or gym, then you need cabinets that can balance professional storage with other requirements. Seamlessly blend dresser drawers or other shelving options with your office organization to store spare linens, weights, or other items. While we have you, are you interested in learning more about how Mod Cabinetry can help you with your office, theatre or bar project? Additionally, if you are interested in cabinet ideas for your whole house, visit Modern cabinetry for the whole house at Mod Cabinetry.


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Comfortable Home Theater

Dim the lights and turn up the volume in your new home theater. This unique addition creates a luxurious experience for weekend parties and late-night family gatherings.

You can create a home theater by simply adding dimmer switches to your living room, but these additions can turn a spare room into a dedicated entertainment hub for your home:

  • Surround sound speakers
  • Projector and screen
  • Luxurious recliners
  • Popcorn machine
  • Quality storage cabinets

The right cabinetry protects your audio/video equipment and safely stores your home theater experience between movies. If you don’t have a spare room to dedicate to a specialized entertainment area, use stylish home theater cabinets to store home theater devices discreetly in your living room or basement.

Relaxing Home Bar

Throw the perfect party or spend a quiet evening enjoying your new home bar. A home bar is more intimate and convenient than your full kitchen, giving you a great place to end a fun evening. Whether you have a dry bar or wet bar, modern home bar cabinetry can make your design come alive.

Choose storage cabinets designed to hold wine glasses, bottles of your favorite alcohol, and more. Glass doors make it easy to find the perfect glassware or bottle, while pull-out compartments are great options for storing non-refrigerated bottles and utensils.

Match the tone of the evening with suave style and understated colors. Your kitchen may be bright, bold, and refreshing, but a home bar should be laid-back and refined. Choose from hundreds of contemporary cabinet styles and designs to achieve the perfect style for your home bar.

Update Your Home With Mod Cabinetry

Act on your home’s full potential with quality cabinets from Mod Cabinetry. Whether you’re looking for a set of cabinets for a kitchenette or a full room organization system, you deserve quality cabinets with sleek, stylish designs. While we have you, are you interested in learning more about how Mod Cabinetry can help you with your office, theatre or bar project? More cabinetry ideas and inspiration for your full house project are waiting for you at Modern Cabinetry.

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Looking for specialized design assistance and the best in modern cabinetry for your dream home? Mod Cabinetry has experts in high-end modern design to help you design the layout using state-of-the-art rendering and panoramic software, which helps give you a realistic perspective of how your kitchen will look and pricing!


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Discover the wide variety of cabinet options at Mod Cabinetry.

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