5 Modern Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen cabinetry isn't just for storage. They are considered jewels for your modern kitchen. Discover these top 5 modern kitchen ideas.

Cabinetry seems to be the jewel in the crown that ties everything together. Today's trend leans towards a streamlined, minimalistic look. Wild and colorful options do show up here and there, but clean and simple cabinetry will remain popular as most homeowners prefer unique, customized styles that stand out. 


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  • Two-toned cabinetry

  • White kitchen cabinets

  • Contemporary Kitchens

  • Minimalist White Kitchens

  • Rich Navy Blue Cabinets 

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Two-toned cabinetry

Two-tone cabinets are currently a popular design trend, and for a good reason. Two-tone cabinetry adds a stylistic flair to both a small and large kitchen while also helping you stay on your remodeling budget. This style is quite adaptable, and it may work with a wide range of cabinetry and color schemes. To participate in this trending design, choose two different shades of cabinetry and carefully set them in your kitchen.

There are numerous versions of this combination with different tone kitchen cabinets. For example: combining black and white lowers- Pair white overhead cabinets with black under-counter cabinets to create this clean look. With an antiqued mirrored backsplash and a bold patterned tile, your kitchen will appear elegant while making a loud statement.

Another option is to go with different shades for your kitchen island and cabinets that aren't the same as the rest of the kitchen's walls and countertops. All of these looks, and more, are possible with Mod Cabinetry options. There are several reasons to choose two-tone kitchen cabinets over one color and tone across your kitchen. Because:

  • It creates a contrast
  • It makes a small kitchen look larger
  • It gives your modern kitchen a fresh look
  • Pairing hues of colors are trendy and elegant

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White kitchen cabinets

White cabinets aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. With a few simple cabinetry changes, you can make yours stand out. There are many other ways to make crisp white plain fantastic, either through the hardware, style, or door types. In other words, choosing white gives you a blank canvas on which to develop the remaining portion of your kitchen design.

There are numerous types to choose from when it comes to white kitchen cabinets. White Family-Antique White cabinets are popular for people searching for a traditional design. If you're searching for a classic aesthetic, White Family-White Dover cabinets are a good choice. Maple Stained-White Wash cabinets are another popular option.

For various reasons, including beauty and versatility, white is a popular choice for interior cabinets. Considering these cabinets:

  • Go with everything when it comes to appliances and furnishings.
  • Work with any interior design
  • Let you have fun with color accents
  • Are timeless classics

Contemporary Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen renovation remodeling featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter; modern kitchen cabinet ideas

Modern contemporary kitchens offer a subtle elegance that never goes out of style, thanks to minimalistic cabinets, neutral color palettes, and metallic accents. They combine modern decor elements with traditional and industrial designs to create a contemporary and luxurious feel but not sterile.

Crown molding and raised panels are not used in contemporary cabinets for a clean, open look. Flat surfaces, streamlined hardware, and no additional ornamental features are used in their place. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are typically angular and sleek, with little adornment. Their design is simple and functional.

Just like modern design, the contemporary kitchen design borrows significant elements from it. They are commonly used interchangeably due to their similarities. The main difference between contemporary and modern design is that contemporary is more refined and formal, while modern is more daring and lively.

Generally, contemporary kitchen cabinets are typically angular, sleek, and unadorned. Their layout is simple and easy to understand. These contemporary designs offer

  • Easy blends
  • A spacious illusions
  • Clean lines
  • Maximum storage

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Minimalist White Kitchens

For their basic, straightforward design, minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas are appealing. In contrast to some of the more flashy designs of cabinets with incredibly complex hardware, mitered corners and ends, and other bells and frills, Minimalist kitchen cabinets have a clean and plain design.

When it comes to minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas, less is frequently more. With today's busy schedules, homeowners are becoming more conscious of their home décor choices and attempting to balance sleek simplicity and exquisite comfort in their kitchen designs.

Minimalism is a design philosophy that emphasizes good quality materials, items, settings, and forms to create outstanding results. If you prefer minimalist kitchens, you can consider a few things when you plan and layout. This small space is a great choice if you:

  • Want a clutter-free kitchen
  • Believe less is more
  • Prefer less hardware
  • Want ample storage


Rich Navy Blue Cabinets 

Modern kitchen of a nicely renovated Canadian house on Montreal suburbs for kitchen cabinet ideas


Kitchen cabinets in navy blue can give your space an effortlessly sophisticated appeal. Cabinets in deep, vibrant navy go well with a variety of kitchen tops, ranging from stainless steel and quartz to wood and traditional carpeting. Navy blue cabinets have a melancholy refinement that works well in any context. Everything will look more lucrative, almost like a handcrafted cabinet, because of the perception of elegance and riches associated with navy blue. Blue is also connected with trust; thus, corporations and authorities use it.

A navy blue kitchen design can look lovely in the correct lighting. You can add navy blue to your kitchen with two-toned cabinets. You could have a white top and navy base cabinet. This light burgundy allows you to add color without overwhelming the space. If you have lower cabinets, use them to incorporate navy blue within your area.

Navy kitchen cabinets go well with a wide range of colors and materials. Likewise, navy blue complements a wide range of décor styles. Whether your style is rustic, mid-century modern, or trendy, navy blue will complement your deck storage.



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