A Short Guide to Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

Fascinating, Fun, and Easy to Follow. A simple guide to styling two-toned kitchen cabinets

For a unique and updated look in your home, two-tone kitchen cabinets are the way to go. It’s a contemporary look that allows you to add color and variety to your kitchen. There are endless styles and color palettes to choose from, so you are sure to get a look you will love!

Whether you have a cozy farmhouse kitchen, something sleek and modern, or any style in between, there are plenty of great options for cabinets. When done with care, the two-tone look reflects your style and helps make your kitchen feel like home.

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

When you choose two-tone kitchen cabinets, you’ll select two cabinet colors that set the feel for the rest of your kitchen. Oftentimes, homeowners choose to assign one color to the lower cabinets and a different color to the upper cabinets. This is a great look, but it's not your only option for styling two-tone kitchen cabinets.

For a unique look, add different colored cabinets to your kitchen island or separate your kitchen from left to right and give one side of the kitchen different colored cabinets from the other side. Color is making a comeback! You should feel confident adding pops of color to your kitchen wherever and however you would like them.


Some homeowners choose more subtle shades and combine lighter tones, while others are much darker and go for a richer feel. These are still two-tone kitchen cabinets, even if the colors blend well together.


There are, of course, kitchens with a high degree of contrast in their cabinetry. This provides a much brighter, bolder appearance and can be a great choice for people who really want their kitchen, or a certain section of it, to stand out. While we have you, are you interested in learning more about how Mod Cabinetry can help you with your two-tone kitchen cabinetry look?


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Styling Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Styling your two-tone kitchen can be a lot of fun. Once you decide to take the leap and install two-tone kitchen cabinets, you need to settle on the actual cabinet colors. Do you want painted cabinets? Natural wood textures? Both? Take into account flooring, countertops, backsplash, and appliances when choosing your two cabinet tones.

The safest way to style your two-tone kitchen cabinets is to select complementing colors. If the tones work well with each other, you reduce the risk of creating a thrown together look throughout the rest of your kitchen. Get color swatches or cabinet samples and hold them against other elements of your kitchen to judge accurately.

Then, choose your focal point. One of the shades you choose will be darker, and some will be lighter or brighter, even if it’s subtle. You want to add some flair without letting the focus blur and feel all over the place. By picking one focal point, like a particular portion of cabinets, this section of your kitchen will draw the eye and the rest of the space will complement it.

Remember that, when choosing colors and focal points, dark colors often go on the bottom. This helps anchor your kitchen and gives it a solid, grounded feeling that contributes to a welcoming, homey vibe. 

You want to feel good in the space, whether you're entertaining others or just cooking for your family or yourself. It's a lot easier to provide that secure, settled feeling of home when you have darker colors toward the base of your room instead of on the top.

The last step in the process of styling your two-tone kitchen is to choose elements that complement both of the colors you've selected for your cabinets. You might choose a darker bowl or display piece to put on the countertop, to bring the darker colors of the lower cabinets upwards. Unless you have a specific color scheme in mind, relying on a neutral color palette will be your best bet for a clean, upscale look in your space.

No matter what you settle on, know that there is no right or wrong way to go about styling two-tone kitchen cabinets. Whichever look you like best is the one you should choose!

At Mod Cabinetry, we love the two-tone cabinet trend. Our high-quality cabinets come in all styles and finishes you could want. While we have you, are you interested in learning more about how Mod Cabinetry can help you with your two-tone kitchen cabinetry look?

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