Stylish Laundry Room Cabinets

Create a modern and functional laundry room with these stylish laundry room cabinets.

It's a familiar sight: A pile of clothes, usually at least partially unfolded and in need of some sort of laundering. It might be the result of a last-minute packing job for an overnight business trip; it could be your workout gear, still damp from the day's activities; or perhaps it's that comfy but oh-so-dirty blanket that should be laundered before it's next use.  Whatever the cause, it's probably not an uncommon sight in your household.


Where will this pile of dirty clothes go? Where can they be neatly stacked as you fold them fresh out of the dryer? Your laundry room is a magnet for clutter, and it's so far out of sight you probably haven't considered redecorating.

Modern cabinetry for the whole house maybe a great option to declutter your home. But if you're not ready for a complete house renovation, there are some easy ways to make your laundry room work better for you.

That's where a functional and modern laundry room comes in handy. By designing your laundry room with function in mind, you can make doing the wash an easier task. While there aren't any hard-and-fast rules for designing the perfect laundry room, there are some good tips to get you started.

Lighting is Key

Seems obvious, but it's worth repeating: the best laundry rooms are well-lit.  Although natural light might seem to be the most logical option for brightening up your wash area, it's not always feasible to have a window in this space.  In that case, opt for artificial light instead. If you're working with a small laundry room, installing task lighting can be a good way to brighten things up and make the space feel more open.

Workaround Windows

If you are lucky enough to have windows in your laundry room, you can rely on them to add light. But what if it's raining or snowing outside and you want to throw a load in?  Forget about letting Mother Nature turn this into an overnight wash: Use the window as a framing device and incorporate some fancy blinds. Blinds also work well when dividing two different spaces in your laundry room.  You can use a sheer blind to section off a dry-cleaning station or a window covering that has a door attached for storing ironing boards and other items.


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Cabinetry: The Key to Decluttering

You don't want to lose storage space because you're trying to create a "dressed-up" laundry room.  The trick is to purchase and install laundry room cabinets with as little wasted space as possible: Try corner cabinets to maximize space, wall-mounted open shelving for storing detergent and dryer sheets, and slide-out drawers that can hold your folding board or ironing station.

Prioritize Functionality...

Make your laundry room work for you by opting for an ultra functional layout.  If you're short on space, for example, consider a stacked washer and dryer.  These appliances take up less room and are perfect for small laundry rooms. If you have more space to work with, go for a side-by-side model with a butcher block across the top for folding clothes and storing laundry supplies.

...Then Make It Stylish

While function is key, it's also important to think about the aesthetics of your laundry room.  After all, you'll be spending a lot of time in this space. A few simple additions can really help to brighten up the room and make it more inviting. Don't go too overboard, but your laundry room can be a great space to show off your personal style. Spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint to match or complement your home's color scheme, and throw down an area rug to dress things up a bit.

High-Quality Cabinets with Mod Cabinetry

By following these simple tips, you can create a laundry room that is both functional and stylish. With a little bit of planning, you'll be able to tackle laundry day like a pro and enjoy the time you spend in your updated space. 

Let's work together to design a modern, functional laundry room! Get in touch with Mod Cabinetry today for all your cabinetry needs.

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